Innovation Month 2014 – we hoped you enjoyed it!

[Originally published on the Australian Government Public Sector Innovation Network under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY AU licence]

Dinosaurs, Game of Thrones, Hilary Duff, GovHack, GovCamp, wearable technology, disruptive innovation, numerous case studies, leaders and leadership, failure, constraint and opportunity, collaboration, ideas management – all of this and more made up the tapestry that was Innovation Month 2014!

We recognise that there were a lot of events as part of Innovation Month so it can be a bit hard to get a sense of everything that happened or was discussed, or how it all fit together.

To help you navigate, we’ve put together an overview post attempting to tie together the disparate events and some of the emerging themes and issues.

We’d also like to direct your attention to a dedicated post thanking those who helped make Innovation Month happen. Innovation involves putting yourself out there and having a go, even when you’re not sure something will work or if it will go as you expect. In some ways event management has that it common with innovation – will people turn up, what are they expecting, what will they say? Combining the two can be an anxiety-inducing (though liberating) process. So, please, help give thanks to those involved, especially as for many this is something ‘in addition to’ their normal work or responsibilities.

We would also be grateful if those who attended or participated in Innovation Month could complete our survey, as this will help us in planning for Innovation Month 2015!

Finally, we have collated a list of the various posts about Innovation Month for you to browse and consider as you wish. Additional material and reporting will be added as it is completed.

Posts about Innovation Month

    • Leaders in innovation’ about the second of the ‘Uncomfortable Ideas’ events, this one on leadership