Revitalising and revising the Innovation Showcase

[Originally published on the Australian Government Public Sector Innovation Network under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY AU licence]

Do you have any case studies of innovative initiatives in the public service?

An important part of the public sector innovation agenda is sharing examples of innovation in practice. That’s why we created the Public Sector Innovation Showcase.

As noted in the APS Innovation Action Plan, “The Public Sector Innovation Showcase will enable government agencies and departments to share and celebrate case studies of innovation, and to consider how they might apply such innovative practices within their own operations to achieve better outcomes.”

The Showcase was a joint initiative with the Department of Finance and has been operating for a number of years now. We thought it time for some changes and that it needs some new examples.

To make the showcase more useful we have incorporated it into this site – you can see the examples here. We are eager to receive more examples from the public sector – from the Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments.

Please get in contact with us if you have an example that might be suitable as a case study of innovation in the public sector. The sort of things we’re after in the case studies are spelled out in our Showcase submission guidance.

We’re seeking examples that demonstrate doing things differently, rather than doing what we do now but slightly better.

We’re happy to work with you to put together the Showcase item – for instance, we could do it as an interview with you. It can be in the form of a narrative description/blog post, or in other styles or formats.

We’re interested in the small examples that have made a difference to how you work as well as the bigger initiatives that might be connected with government policies or services.

We’ll be adding some more that we know of soon, but we’d like to have a continuing supply of new examples to share. We know that there’s some great stuff happening; now is your opportunity to share those and help demonstrate that.