Innovation Month 2014 – Empower, Collaborate, Transform

[Originally published on the Australian Government Public Sector Innovation Network under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY AU licence]

Like the rest of the world, the public sector in Australia is experiencing some significant change. How we work, what we do, and how we work with others is evolving. Innovation is an important means of responding to such changes to ensure that we continue to generate value.

In deciding the theme for Innovation Month 2014 the organising committee thought that some of the key issues for the public service at the moment relate to:

    • Empowerment – empowering staff within the APS, empowering our partners, and empowering citizens to do things differently
    • Collaboration – working together across agencies, across jurisdictions, across sectors and across disciplines/methodologies and ways of thinking
    • Transformation – transforming how we work, how we work with each other, and even transforming what we do.

In that spirit, the theme for Innovation Month 2014 has been nominated as ‘Empower, Collaborate, Transform’.

Innovation Month 2014 will run from Monday 7 July to Friday 1 August and will be an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, techniques and challenges.

We hope that it will be a prompt for agencies and teams to consider what their priorities are and how innovation might play a role in addressing those strategic priorities. We hope it will be an occasion for people to not only learn more about innovation, but also to learn how to apply new ideas and techniques within their day-to-day work. Like all good innovation, we hope it will be a mix of ‘thinking at the edge’ and the practical.

If you would like to participate in organising Innovation Month, have ideas about events to be held, or are interested in running an event yourself, please email the team.